Sunday, July 22, 2012


i am...home.  I cannot begin to tell you what a wonderful time I had at the 2012 Stampin' Up! Convention in Salt Lake City.  This year's theme was "i am".  All of the presenters/MC's talked about how many things we are, and it's true, we all are many things.  I very grateful that I was able to attend Convention this year (my family gave up our annual summer vacation so I was able to do so, thank you Kurt and Kyle). I was overwhelmed as I walked into the Main Stage area for the very first time, it was difficult to hold back the tears.  It is hard to explain, you just have to experience it for yourself...although not everyone is as emotional as I am!  i am feeling many things: excited (to share what I have learned with family and friends), inspired (got lots of great ideas!), energized (well, I will be after I catch up on my sleep!), awed (everyone, and I mean everyone was so very nice), surprised (they had one of my cards up on a display board!!!!  Yes, really!  Thank you to the sweet lady standing next to me...I grabbed her and said "Oh, my gosh thats my card!!"  She didn't care that we had never met, she just joined in on my excitement.), thankful (for the new friends I have made), and happy (it was so much fun!!!).  I'm feeling many more things, but I can't go on forever!!!

One of my favorite things was walking around and looking at the display boards...they were beautiful!
Here's the one with my card (the bunny on the left).

Isn't this lovely?
Look at all you can make with these products!
Gotta love Halloween!!!

At each class they told us to blog, post on Facebook, etc. about it and use #Convention2012 along with certain key words to win prizes.  At first I thought that I probably wouldn't, then I got to's not so much that I want to win a prize (although it would be fun) I really just wanted to thank them for sharing their many ideas and talents with me.

Shannon West, what can you say...she is so awesome.  What a lovely, young woman.  She's fun, creative and a wonderful presenter.  Not only did I have fun in her "I Am Having Fun" class, I got so many great Halloween/Fall ideas from her in one of the general sessions.  I was not going to buy MORE stuff, but now I have to just so I can make her adorable projects.  How awesome it would be to spend a day with her!  Did I go up and tell her how much I enjoyed her presentations, no, I am just too shy.  So, if you see this Shannon, thank you for everything!
Look how cute this treat bag is that Shannon made!!!

Karen Hauley had a class called "I Am Earning An Incentive Trip."  She invited Jill, Meg and Cynthia up to chat about how they earned these wonderful trips.  (This was a class I had not signed up for, I skipped  my Make & Take in order to attend.)  I am...glad I did.  These women (who are just like me) really made me feel as if I could achieve this goal.  They were funny and very entertaining too.  Thank you Karen for a wonderful presentation.  By the way, loved the t-shirt!!!!!  I'm glad you're here to wear it.

Pam Morgan gave me some great ideas in her "I Am Making Money" class that I am going to try.  I love that she reminded us to focus on the products and not always try and "Wow" our customers, sometimes that is overwhelming for them (and me!).  Thanks Pam!

The "I Am Savvy class" with Donna Griffith was super cool.  Meg, Dawn & Laura each showed us great projects to make with all the wonderful  Stampin' Up! products.  Best of all each one of their projects is doable.  Thank you!

I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of Emily Montoya's class "I Am Reaching Out" to the younger generation.  She is plucky!!!

The most amazing thing to me is how kind, funny, genuine and "real" Shelli Gardner is.   I was feeling a little embarrassed about my teary eyes until Shelli came out on stage wiping hers.  She thanked us all many times throughout the convention, and I sat there thinking...she really means it. What a remarkable women she is.

Joining Stampin' Up! and going to my very first Convention has been an incredible experience.  Everyone was so very friendly, funny and fabulous.  I will remember it always!  I highly recommend joining the Stampin' Up! family, and if possible, attend Convention, I promise you won't regret it.

So, they talked about using social media and keeping it short, sorry that I went on and on.  I just wanted to share a little of my experiences with you.

Thanks for stopping by, I hope to finish my Make & Takes today and post them tomorrow or Tuesday.


  1. I wish I could have been there this year but hopefully next year! Spent part of the week scrapping some of my memories of last year's convention on MDS, which I posted on my blog. Hope to see you next year!

  2. Convention was a blast and you recapped it perfectly Connie!
    It was wonderful to spend time with you at your first convention.

  3. Dear Connie
    I hope the tips you heard in the Incentive Trip Class were helpful. And I hope you DO earn the Caribbean Cruise!! Glad you enjoyed convention. God Bless, Cynthia Millan


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